X-Small Adult

สุนัขโต พันธุ์จิ๋ว อายุ 10 เดือน - 8 ปี (นน. โตเต็มวัยต่ำกว่า 4 กก.)

HEALTHY TRANSIT VERY SMALL BREED DOGS are prone to constipation. A balanced intake of fibres (including psyllium) helps facilitate intestinal transit and contributes to good stool quality thanks to highly digestible L.I.P. proteins. COAT CONDITION This formula contains nutrients that help support a healthy skin. Enriched with EPA-DHA. URINARY TRACT HEALTH Helps support a healthy urinary system in very small breed dogs. VERY PALATABLE & VERY SMALL KIBBLE This small-sized kibble has been developped to be perfectly adapted to the miniature jaw of dogs under 4kg. Its exclusive formula also helps stimulate fussy appetites in very small breed dogs.

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