Maine Coon Kitten

ลูกแมว พันธุ์เมนคูน อายุ 4-15 เดือน

SPECIAL LARGE JAW This specially designed cube-shaped kibble is adapted in size and texture to the large jaw of the Maine Coon kitten. The unique kibble encourages chewing to help support oral hygiene. HEALTHY LONG GROWTH PERIOD With adapted energy and protein content, and precisely balanced vitamins (including vitamin D) and minerals (including calcium and phosphorus) to help support healthy bone and joint development for balanced growth. DIGESTIVE HEALTH Highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics to help support a balance in the intestinal flora. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility. IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT A patented complex* of antioxidants, including vitamin E, helps support the kitten’s natural defences. *France, patent N? EP1146870. L.I.P. Selected protein with digestibility over 90%.

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